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The best basketball drills are used by the best guards in the world. The best guards dominate because they understand that you must have multiple moves in your repertoire. This means you must have skilled footwork, good ball handling skills, and the ability to explode to the basket or up into your jump shot.

Guards like Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant utilize a series of moves on the perimeter. By properly developing these perimeter moves with basketball shooting drills, you too can be on your way to becoming a great perimeter player!

This 5-step perimeter series allows you to practice 5 moves that compliment each other. This allows you to have an offensive move no matter how your defender plays you. These drills will also help you learn to read and react as an offensive player.

Implementing these drills in addition to quickness,, and proper strength training will make you aplyometricsn athletic guard with a quick first step and the strength to finish!