FREE Basketball Shooting and Finishing Workout by Pure Intensity Basketball. Complete the series from 5 spots: Top, High Wings and Low Wings. You’ll make 50 shots per spot and 250 total after completing the series at all 5 spots. Make 2 shots executing the following, going both right and left: Standard Layup, Floater, 2 Dribble Stride Stop, 2 Dribble Step back, 1 Dribble Stride Stop, 1 Dribble Step Back. Then make 6 catch and shoot 3-Point Shots. Then execute the following dribble moves going right and left, making 1 Stride Stop and 1 Step Back for each move: Inside Out, Crossover, Between the Legs and Behind the Back. Finish by making 4 more catch and shoot 3-Point Shots. Do this workout everyday for a month and see a tremendous increase in your ability to shoot the rock! Find more information at