This great multi-purpose drill that will improve your ball handling, passing, cutting, and finishing.

As mentioned in the video, these multi-purpose drills are great drills to incorporate into your practices.

From a coaching management standpoint, you…

* Save time because you don’t have to reset on every drill. If you work on these separate aspects in different drills, you have to reset and this will chew up extra minutes during your practice.
*Accelerates skill improvement due to saved time.
*Once it is taught, the transition between drills is seamless.

From a skill improvement standpoint, you

* Improve vital ball handling skills such as the back up dribble and dribble moves to beat your defender such as the crossover, between the legs, behind-the-back, inside out dribble, and dribble combos.
* Elevate your passing and cutting skills in game-like situations.
* Polishes your finishing skills.

Segment #1

Player dribbles to each trap situation, backs up. On last double team, back up, reverse (pass) the ball to coach.

Segment #2

After passing to coach, Player 1 executes a basket cut (set player up first) and receives a pass from the coach for a lay up.

The next player in segment 1 should have already started to keep everyone moving and working.

Segment #3

Player 1 gets their own rebound, dribble at the chairs (or cones) set up on the other half of the court. The player weaves through the chairs (or zig zags through cones) working on change of direction moves (cross overs, behind back, spin).

After changing direction on the final chair, the player should push the ball out and take ONE dribble to the basket for an explosive lay up. We want speed and straight lines to the basket.

The other players are now getting involved in the drill.

Note: Alternate using chairs on one day and using zig-zag cones on the next day.

Segment #4

Players shuffle while throwing passes to each other from baseline to baseline. One player will throw chest pass. The other player will throw a bounce pass.

Once they reach the opposite baseline, they sprint back to the starting point of the drill and begin the next repetition.